Top Countries to Get Plastic Surgery

Top Countries to Get Plastic Surgery: A Survey from USA

Being the richest population of the world, US citizens are global pioneers in setting worldwide quality and prices for plastic surgery. It is known that at least two million of them do plastic surgeries every single year. Their most popular choices are breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), eyelid surgery and tummy tuck.
Since these are all cosmetic procedures, they are rarely covered by insurance. Add the high prices of US surgery market, and you can tell why many of those 2 million Americans travel abroad for plastic surgery.

In a recent survey among Americans, top favored countries for plastic surgery are analyzed. The survey’s aim was guiding the Americans to make the best choice for surgery abroad but findings are useful for us Romanians too.
346 clinics from all around the world were taken in the survey and the criteria were:
1- Health tourist’s review
2- Clinic success scores
3- Doctors’ medical past
4- Medical technology used

Results of the survey showed that 5 countries are clearly stepping aside. They were offering the most affordable surgery prices with excellent quality (some are 7 times cheaper than US alternatives). Their doctors are highly experienced, their hospitals are globally renown and the patients are 99% or more satisfied.

Which countries are the best for plastic surgery?

Here are the top countries that the survey we mentioned above points:
1- Mexico
2- Turkey
3- Thailand
4- South Korea
5- India
Mexico has bypassed Turkey with just a few points because it’s very close to US. Looking to the same list from Romania, we can easily put Turkey at the top of the global list.

Are You Considering Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

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