5 ways to speed up metabolism naturally

12 decembrie 2022by Dr. Duygu Daragiu Ada1

How two persons with almost the same lifestyle differ on scale? Why some of us gain weight easily while some others try to put on some weight with supplements? The answer to these questions is probably “their metabolism speeds are different”.

What is metabolism? How it affects our health?

Simply, it is all the physiological cycle of your body to stay alive and functioning. It involves of chemical reactions that turn food into energy, and energy into body movements. This mechanism works more or less the same in every person but when it comes to rate (or speed) of it, things change. Women in example generally have lower metabolic rates than man. Thus, people with higher metabolism speeds are much less prone to get obese.
Luckily, we can boost it with easy and effective changes in our lifestyles. Here are 5 scientifically proven ways to speed it up:


1. Add more proteins to your diet

We need protein, fat and carbs to stay alive but each of these food types differ in the amount of calories needed to break them down. Proteins make you spend the highest amount of energy compared to the amount it gives back to you. Thus, they force your body to burn more fat.
Proteins also have 2 outstanding properties for a fit life. First, they create a much bigger sense of fullness, and second they replace lost muscle tissue faster than every other food type and add on to metabolic rate.

2. Socialize

Yes, we know it sounds weird but social life is a very good and satisfying way of burning extra fat. A study conducted with mice has shown that mice living alone ate less but gained more weight than mice living in a social environment and eating more.
Our physiological state is directly related to our mental state, and having a quality social life increases our bodies’ functioning rate.

3. Spend more time on foot

Smartphones, tablets and all the other hi-tech products changed the way we live, work and have fun. We are all spending less time on foot. However, sitting or lying down are killers of your vital functions.
Even the simplest activity on foot like just standing up or lazy walking is linked to a better functioning cardiac system, and thus faster physiologic cycles.
Sitting too much also weakens your muscles and slows down your fat burning speed. If your job requires sitting down for long hours, give frequent breaks for small walks. Even the shortest time you spend on foot dramatically speed up metabolism.


4. Get a good night’s sleep

Quality of your sleep is scientifically proven to be linked to slower metabolism, increased blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. All these factors increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Moreover, we tend to consume more of unhealthy food and drinks whenever we spend a bad night, probably due to the fact that we unconsciously look for additional energy.
Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep has much more positive effects on your overall health as well as a proper metabolic rate.


5. Drink enough water

When you feel thirsty, this means that your body asks for water, not cola drinks, not beer and not fruit juices. Water is a basic element of life and vitality, and therefore it helps your metabolism work properly. Moreover, it helps you to feel fuller when consumed prior to meals. In addition, it’s only zero calories!


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