10 Steps to fight back brain fog

Urbanization and the increase in the use of smart devices have created a global problem: Brain Fog. The average person of our era has much more difficulty in focusing on anything than any past human generation. Kids can’t follow lessons at school while their parents can’t follow ordinary daily routines at work or at home. So what is this modern day illness indeed?


What is Brain Fog?

It is the state when even the simplest mental job creates a kind of traffic jam inside your mind. You have difficulty in starting a task, making a decision or even listening to a friend. You than realize that hours have passed before you took a very simple step. This paralyzing state is characterized by confusion, loss of thinking clarity and tendency to forget daily duties. In the short run, this can ruin your professional and social life. In the long run, it is even thought to be associating with dementia.

Causes of Brain Fog

The increase in the number of people visitin犀利士
g hospitals with complaints of poor concentration turned into lots of research. The findings tell us that the most common reasons seem to be:

  • Intensive use of computers and similar devices
  • Working too much
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Stress
10 Golden Steps To Fight Back Brain Fog

Now here are what experts offer you for a clear, well working brain:


  1. The brain works better while you’re outdoor and standing up. Swinging your arms while walking also positively affects the performance of the brain. When you have to make serious decisions, try to be out in the nature, walking with freely swinging arms.
  2. Do mental gymnastics/trainings. You can solve intelligence puzzles, play games like chess or backgammon. All these brain activities are fun and will increase your mental clarity.
  3. It is monotony that tires the brain. The more you add color your life, the more you cheer up your brain. Give up the behaviors you repeat on a routine basis. Brushing teeth with non-dominant hand or taking new routes to work or job will let your brain discover new patterns and have fun.
  4. Literature is a good way to teach your brain how to think in a healthy way. You can read classic novels or if you don’t have time you can just read motivational quotes from famous thinkers. Wise sentences feed your brain with quality thoughts.
  5. Aesthetic tastes help your brain build new neural ties and these tastes develop with aesthetic artwork. Try to see a beautiful painting or photograph every day, listen to new music genres and even make your own art at home.
  6. There is a famous phenomenon called the „reversed effort” rule. It simply says that if you focus on what you fear the most, your fear will happen. If you continuously tell yourself that you have to sleep when you go to bed, you probably will have a sleepless night. If you fear you will fail in an exam you’ll use your valuable mental capacity and yes: you will fail. Work hard and try your best, but also be aware that some conditions are beyond your control. Overthinking about uncontrollable factors is no good for a clear mind.
  7. Different ways of thinking improve your brain. Spend more time with children and animals, and they’ll teach you how to think different. Talking to people whose thoughts are opposed to yours is also a good practice.
  8. The brain can process just a limited number of tasks at the same time. When new information comes in the brain some other information must go out. So take down notes instead of trying to memorize things. Writing also helps you make a double check of incoming information.
  9. Remember, the organ we will use to make our brain work better is again “our brain”. Think about your specific case of brain fog and try to identify the causes of your own experience and your options against them. This may help you more than standard information for the masses does.
  10. Once we used to think that brain is the only organ that produces serotonin, which is also known as “feel-good hormone”. Today however, we know that our small intestine produces almost 95% of this critical hormone which plays a great role in mental functions like satisfaction, sexual desire, anxiety resistance and good mood. So help your gut do its critical work by giving it quality food. Stay away from packaged food, excessive alcohol consumption, sugar and saturated fat, and let your body fight back brain fog easily.

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