6 Reasons Why Both Men and Women Gain Weight After Marriage

20 decembrie 2022by Dr. Duygu Daragiu Ada0

You’ve experienced it yourself or you’ve seen it happening to couples around you. You get surprised when you look at the wedding day photos from several years ago and to the scale today. This is not coincidence. It’s known that four out of five couples gain weight after marriage.
When we look at the frequency per sex, it’s generally the women gaining that extra body fat. When you look at the quantity of that extra body fat gained, men are a little ahead. So what is the secret to this common phenomenon called “relationship weight”?

Top 6 reasons why we get heavier after marriage

1. Watch the first months of marriage
Honeymoon is sweet but is also the first calorie trap for married couples. You tend to forget your daily eating routine and feast on delicious meals when you’re on honeymoon. And then come the visits to relatives and friend groups, most of which takes place around a large dining table with a lot of beer and wine. Here we are! You started gaining your first marriage weight kilos.


2. Sex can give more than it takes
The first few years of marriage typically increases the frequency of sexual intercourse even for those who had pre-marital sex. But don’t we all know that sex burns lots of calories? Yes, that’s a reality but the problem is increased appetite after each encounter. After a sexual intercourse, your body asks you to replace all the calories you lost and also asks you to get a little more for the coming encounter.


3. New daily routine = new kilos
When you are single you can plan all 24 hours of your day but when you’re married two plans collapse. A last minute business meal or a party invitation from one of the sides’ friend becomes part of your life. The result is extra kilos on your belly.


4. Marriage comes with extra stress, stress comes with extra weight
Marriage brings additional responsibility to both men and women. You have to pay for two, cook for two and clean for two. For most people the easiest way to fight back this extra stress is eating and drinking more.


5. Marriage age is also the metabolic u-turn age
Marriage age in Romania is 30 on average (around 31 for men and around 29 for women). These ages are also the times when your metabolism begins slowing down. A slowing metabolism means that your body’s ability to burn fat is decreasing. This is one of the most common reasons why most couples start gaining weight right after their marriage.


6. Less care for self care
Before marriage, we tend to care more about our health and outer look to be chosen by other sex. However, we stop caring about our physical appearance once we reach the target (get married). We take revenge of all the diet days and gym hours with more beer, more steaks and more chocolate cakes.

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