10 Golden Rules for Ideal Weight Without Staying Hungry

Ideal weight means a healthy and happy life. Being at your ideal weight makes you more resistant to all diseases and increases your quality of life. We have compiled the golden rules from expert dietitians for those who want to reach their weight goals without being hungry.

1. Start the day with breakfast, speed up your metabolism

One of the biggest mistakes made in losing weight is not having breakfast. Having breakfast within an hour after waking up is very important to increase the speed of your metabolism. If you have time problems, choose practical foods and if you have appetite problems, choose light foods, but make sure to have breakfast.

2. Missing a meal time does more harm than good

Not eating dinner or having just fruit for lunch will return you as more weight in the long run. Never skip meal times and starve yourself. Programmed nutrition is crucial for permanent and healthy weight balancing.

3. Choose the right carbohydrate source

Using the right amount of beneficial carbohydrates will save both your energy during the day and your weight in the long run. So stay away from zero-carb diets, but choose the right sources of carbohydrates. Prefer whole grain options instead of foods prepared with sugar and white flour.

4. Consume sufficient amount of liquid

Even if you don’t feel it, water is necessary for all metabolic processes in your body. If you do not like drinking water, try to enhance the aroma of water with ingredients such as fruit, mint or cinnamon. You may also increase your daily fluid intake by consuming soup more often.

5. The right snacks

Do not ruin the quality of your social life to lose weight. Do not leave yourself without a snack at your friends meetings, while enjoying a movie in the evening, while watching your favorite TV series, but choose the right options. Don’t forget that you have healthy alternatives such as a whole-grain cheese roll, dried fruit chips, sugar-free milk shakes and many more.

6. Use smaller plates

Preferring smaller plates is a good way to fight back mental hunger because the brain tends to work towards “completion”. The same amount of food will look “enough” on a small plate but “too little” on a large one. Our brain sends the satiety signal only when the dish looks enough.

7. Be active as much as possible

The higher the calories burned, the easier it is to lose weight. Try to be physically active on every moment of the day. You don’t have to go the gym for this. You can take walks, ride a bike with your friends, or even dance at home by yourself.

8. Take care of your sleep

Regular sleep has a great effect on weight control. Many studies recommend regular sleep hours for both increasing the metabolic rate and controlling the amount of food taken. Get 6-8 hours of quality sleep daily.

9. Increase your fiber intake

Foods high in fiber make you feel fuller, balance your blood sugar, relax your digestive system and speed up your metabolism. Vegetables, fruits and legumes are foods high in fiber. Adding a salad to your every meal, consuming 1-3 servings of fruit a day, having a meal including vegetables every day, consuming legumes at least 2 times a week will allow you to reach the ideal weight easily.

10. Eat fish at least once a week

The positive effect of Mediterranean diet has been proven for long and healthy life, and the protein source of this diet is fish. By eating fish, you get proteins, Omega 3 and other beneficial fatty acids altogether. People who consume fish regularly lose weight more easily.

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