A Famous European Politician in Turkey For Sleeve Gastrectomy

A Famous European Politician in Turkey for Sleeve Gastrectomy

Many celebrities of art and politics from all around the world visit Turkey for top-notch health services of the country from aesthetic operation to obesity surgery. While many health tourists’ first motivation for choosing Turkey is the affordable prices, we know these famous people sign the checks without ever looking at the bills. So what are they looking for in Turkey? The answer is simple; they are looking for globally reputed Turkish doctors and unrivalled medical care in Turkey.
But at the end of the day they celebrities tend to hide their surgeries for various reasons. Jennifer Lopez for example, who is 52 now but doesn’t seem to get on a single year since 25, managed not to get caught by paparazzi during most of her visits to the surgery room. Not everyone is talented as her though, a famous European politician’s secret health visit to Turkey has come up to light in recent days.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey and a Five Day Five Star Holiday

In the recent days Turkish papers have found out the Turkey visit of another celebrity but a little too late. Vjosa Osmani, one of the most famous political figures of Kosovo and the person who is sitting in the presidential chair now is learnt to have obesity surgery in Turkey in 2021. Vjosa Osmani’s recent fit pictures in social media were surprising many of her followers and finally now everybody knows how.
The obesity surgery was planned to be in Istanbul but it is said that Osmani was willing to be far away from the eyes. Thus, she chose Antalya, one of the most touristic cities of the country with yearlong sunny days and never ending shores. Osmani’s laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy was applied by a world famous Turkish doctor after a five days of recreation in a luxury hotel.

Turkey Is the Choice of the World for Health

Vjosa Osmani is just one of more than one and a half million health visitors to Turkey for latest medical technologies, globally affordable prices and world famous Turkish doctors and Turkish hospitals. And you too can trust Turkey for best results.
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