Type 2 Diabetes Surgery

Type 2 Diabetes surgery

Diabetes surgery, which is one of the metabolic surgery methods, is performed to keep Type 2 diabetes under control by eliminating insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes, which usually occurs after the age of 40, is generally due to excess weight, inactive life and genetic predisposition.
The classical treatment method is aimed at improving the results of Type 2 diabetes, not the disease itself. Diabetes surgery treats the disease itself. The aim is to ensure that the patient needs less or no medications and direct medical care.

Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for approximately 95 percent of all diabetes-related cases, is a chronic metabolic disorder that occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Diabetes surgery is a form of treatment targeting a permanent solution. With this treatment method, it is aimed that the patient continues his life without medication or being less dependent on drugs.

Diabetes surgery advantages

The purpose of diabetes surgery is to increase the quality of daily life of the patient by relieving pain and the negativities they experience due to their diseases. The procedure typically aims at least one of the following:
– Alleviation of diabetes by normalizing the blood sugar level without medication.
– Improving metabolic disorders such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension and sleep apnea.
– Reducing the possibility of cancer formation and prolongi犀利士
ng life expectancy.

Preparation for diabetes surgery

Before diabetes surgery, patients with Type 2 diabetes should first try a diet and sports. In addition to exercise and diet, if the doctor deems it necessary, medication should be applied to the person at the same time.
If the drugs used, exercise and diet can’t positively affect the daily life of the person, the patient is a good candidate for diabetes surgery.

The most common questions on diabetes surgery

1. Can all diabetics have diabetes surgery?
Type 1 diabetes patients cannot have diabetes surgery because their body has no insulin production. This procedure is only applicable to Type 2 diabetes.
2. Is there a definite result from diabetes surgery?
Diabetes improves in 95 percent of patients after metabolic surgery. More than 65 percent get to have HbA1c levels below 6, and 30 percent stay between 6 and 7. Patients completely stop using insulin and tablets.
3. What is the difference between diabetes surgery and bariatric surgery?
Diabetes surgery, unlike bariatric surgery, focuses on controlling metabolic diseases, not just overweight.

Recovery period after diabetes surgery

You will be discharged in 4-5 days after the operation, and if you are working in a non-heavy job, you can return to work a week later. You will have to wait up to 1 month for a full return to normal life.

After the operation, there will be no frequent hunger as before. On the contrary, you will be faced with loss of appetite, thus not eating. These problems come and go, and when the body gets used to this normal routine, the patient will feel much better.
Plenty of water should be drunk after diabetes surgery because metabolic change will increase the body’s need for water.

More information about diabetes surgery in Turkey

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