How to Best Use The Internet For Health Information

1 septembrie 2023by Dr. Duygu Daragiu Ada0

Health is one of the most popular search topics on the internet with a share of 7%. This means that every single day, 630 million searches are made about health issues on Google alone. Since you are reading this page, you are a part of this statistic.

Internet is of course a very useful and fast way to get healthcare information, but are you using it correctly? If not, you may be putting yourself and the beloved ones in trouble. In this article, we will share you the ways to access proper medical information online.


Research the owner of the information

Whose website do you get your medical information from? Does the owner have appropriate expertise? Does he/she have medical experience? These three questions are very important. Always check the contact details and about us section of the site you are looking at. If you cannot find any relevant information in these sections, you should never believe the source. Our website is owned and managed by Dr. Daragiu Duygu Ada, a medical doctor who has organized hundreds of successful operations between Turkey and Romania.


Verify the information

The world of medicine is constantly renewing and improving itself. As you read this article, many reputable organizations around the world will be announcing new and up-to-date research results, and tomorrow newer, more accurate information will enter medical literature. Therefore, when you read a health news story, compare it to other sources.

Don’t Believe Every News

There are millions of information on the internet and social media. Do not follow any site other than sources that are accountable and run by real people. If you want to follow a new source, wait for other outlets to verify the news you see.


Don’t play doctor

A real doctor receives years of practical training besides theory, and combines it with the use of medical devices and knowledge of pharmacology to provide treatment. In other words, theoretical knowledge alone is never enough. Do not try to treat yourself or your loved ones with information you have learned from the internet. It is very important that you do not apply the information you read on the internet without having it confirmed at the first possible health care provider. Dr. Ada and her team are always ready to provide you with the most accurate information for any questions you may have by phone or e-mail.


Check the date of the information

As mentioned above, new medical information is being added every day. Make sure that the information you receive is up-to-date. What was the most accurate information last year may not be the most accurate information today.


Avoid exaggerated claims and content that promises miracles

If a source tells you, „We have ended cancer forever,” they are lying because every cancer progresses uniquely and is treated differently. „Everyone who uses our product loses weight” is also a lie because there is no single cause of obesity and being overweight. Avoid exaggerated promises or advertising content. Health is your most valuable asset and the best hope in troubled times is the support of real medical professionals, not digital marketers.

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