Botox (Botulinum A) Treatments in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest growing international health supplier in the world and many visits are about cosmetic procedures like Botulinum A treatments, or Botox in colloquial speech.

So what is this Botulinum A?

In the 70s, a groundbreaking solution is introduced to medical world for the treatment of cross-eye. This new solution was, as you can tell, Botulinum A, and it was almost a miracle. It was easily applied and was very efficient. Moreover, outcomes were almost completely predictable and satisfaction was guaranteed.
In the 90, Botulinum injection is introduced to cosmetic medicine industry. Being extremely effective with any facial wrinkle (around the eyes, on forehead, between brows, around lips) its use boosted.

Where does Botulinum A come from?

Basically it’s a natural toxin, and is a very effective one. It’s derived from Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. The bacteria is cultivated under control and base material is purified and cleared from its toxic components. The outcome is Botulinum A.

How does it work?

It is mostly injected into skin around the eyes, nasal root, between the brows or forehead in different doses to be decided by your cosmetic dermatologist. Skin around the mouth, neck and décolleté area are also suitable for an injection.
Once injected, Botulinum A rapidly blocks neural impulses so that the muscles around (like 1-2 cm away) stop working. When they do so, they can no more contract and force the skin to make wrinkles during mimic activities. This effect is not permanent but stays for about 4 to 6 months, leaving a much younger, fresher look on the face in the meantime.

Is Botox injection painful?

Thanks to developments in medical engineering, needles of modern day are fine and small, creating very little pain in a Botulinum A injection. The solution itself also causes some extra pain when first interacts with the living tissue. All these pain is too little but still you can ask for a topical pain relief cream that will prevent much of the pain.

Does Botox really remove wrinkles?

If we’re talking about superficial wrinkles, the answer is a certain “Yes” because Botulinum A is really very effective. However, if the wrinkles are deep, which means that they have been where they are for a long time, dermal fillers must also be used along with Botox treatment to get better results. So, if you want to delay the formation of wrinkles, you better have your Botox session right when they show themselves. If you wait too long, the wrinkles will go deeper, making it harder to fight back.

Need assistance about any health service in Turkey?
Whether it is surgery or a cosmetic procedure, thousands of people from all around the world are visiting Turkey due to excellent health infrastructure and its great chance for us Romanians that this country is just very close.

Our office is specialized on health tourism in Turkey and being managed by a doctor herself, we are medically aiding you all along the way, from diagnosis to complete recovery. So if you need assistance about any medical procedure in Turkey, like Botox treatment, just give us a call. We will be happy to walk the way beside you, which goes to a better life.

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