8 Tips For Healthy Teeth and Gum

Healthy teeth make unique contributions to our quality of life. First of all, they make us look attractive and add on to our self-confidence. They also let us choose from a complete variety of quality food and drinks, and help us properly digest what we consume. They even boost social interaction by affecting speech.

When you have dental health problems however, you lose all these and get more prone to many serious health risks. It is known that gingivitis may cause premature birth, and gum inflammation can trigger and worsen diabetes and heart problems. So let’s take a look at the basic tips for good oral health.


1- Use a Dental Floss:

One of the most important things to do for dental health is flossing. The toothbrush cannot reach in between parts of teeth. Dental floss helps you have healthier teeth and prevent dental caries by completing oral hygiene.

2- Brush your teeth properly:

Another point that is as important as flossing is brushing the teeth twice a day. You can consult your dentist to determine the right type of toothbrush, which shall be changed every 3 months. Instead of brushing straight up-down or from side to side, move the brush in circles with a 45 degree angle. Many of us think that a tooth has two surfaces; inner and outer. However there is third surface which is the chewing surface. Brush all 3 sides for at least 2 minutes.


3- Avoid smoking:

Smoking is one of the biggest enemies of oral and dental health. Tobacco use is definitely the major cause of many problems from yellow tooth to oral cancer. It is very important to stay away from smoking not only for dental health but also for the health of the whole body.


4- Consume sticky sweets carefully:

Some foods are difficult to clean from the teeth even with brushing and can these increase the risk of cavities. Chewy and sticky sweets are at the top of this list. Try either not to consume such sweets or having a complete cleaning afterwards.


5- Consume more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are definitely among the answers to the question of what we should eat for dental health. The vitamins found in them are directly absorbed by gum, giving it the vital nutrients for oral health. Moreover, the hard ones (like apples or quinces) provide mechanical cleaning around the surfaces of your teeth.


6- Drink enough water:

Water is the greatest source of health for any part of body. Especially drinking some water right after meals provides a general oral cleaning, and also neutralizes the acidic residues.


7- Keep sugar consumption to a minimum:

Limiting sugar consumption has lots of positive returns for dental health. Consume such food as little as possible and build a habit of oral cleaning afterwards. If possible, brush your teeth immediately, if not, clean your mouth by gargling.

8- Visit the dentist before the problem visits your mouth

Visiting the dentist at regular intervals allows you to see potential problems at an early stage and resolve them. Don’t wait for bad breath or an aching tooth. Let a dentist check your teeth and gum to identify signs of decay and gum diseases.

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