5 Shocking Diseases Related to Excessive Smartphone Use

27 februarie 2023by Dr. Duygu Daragiu Ada0

Yes, we all love hi-tech tools. They make life easier, take lots of burden off our shoulders and are fun. However, they are also highly related to some diseases and the riskiest one is the smartphone. It is the most alarming technology tool because it’s big enough to hold any feature inside and small enough to take anywhere. If you want to check how they harm the quality of our lives, here are the 5 shocking diseases directly related to too much smartphone use.

1. Hemorrhoids

Your excretory system may be the last to come to mind when you think about the health dangers of phone use, however it is. Researchers found out that those who visit the bathroom with their phones spend so much more time inside than those who leave their phones behind. Each additional minute spent on the toilet increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

2. Male Infertility

Studies show that excessive phone use has the potential to decrease sperm quantity and quality, causing infertility in males. This negative effect is due to both the radiation that spreads from the phone and long sitting hours which increase temperature around testicles.

3. Depression

Increased smart phone usage doesn’t only harm our bodies, but also our souls. There are typically 2 dimensions of this. First, spending hours with your phone decreases your chances of having an active life, which your brain needs to replenish. Second, the content you’re exposed to during interaction with the smart device increases your chances of being exposed to bullying, emotional manipulation and other stress causing experiences.

4- Digital Eye Strain

Also known as computer vision syndrome, this refers to multiple problems with your eyes and sight. Smartphone use is not the only cause of digital eye strain as most of us have to spend many hours looking at the computers for work. However, hi-tech cellular devices do the main harm because we use them mainly in the evening and night, the times we need darkness the most. If you have dry or too watery eyes, blurry vision, headache, pain and itching feeling around your eyes, you may be one of the millions of sufferers.

5- Arthritis

The first 4 examples might have surprised you but if you’re a heavy user of smart devices, you already experienced the neck, wrist, finger, shoulder and back pains yourself. Your skeletal system needs physical exercise to regulate and oil itself. Too much time spent with tablets, computers or phones keeps some of the muscles stiff for unnaturally too long, forcing certain tendons and bones. All these increase arthritis risks.


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